the Yacht Club at Bentwater on lake conroe

Bentwater Marina & Ship Store
Lake Conreo Special Event Facility

The Bentwater Yacht Club is a signature landmark along the beautiful north shore of Lake Conroe, and has maintained a hallmark presence since 1987.

Upon your first visit here, you will fully appreciate the meaning of a "private oasis."
With its majestic copper-domed cupola visible across the waters of Lake Conroe, the Bentwater Yacht Club beckons to boating and fishing enthusiasts alike. High atop the Harbormaster's observation deck, members are treated to panoramic views and breathtaking sunsets. With a Ships Store, boat launch, and full-service marina with valet, residents find their every boating need attended to.

In addition to offering the only private marina on Lake Conroe, the Bentwater Yacht Club serves as a unique and picturesque wedding and special events venue with open water views of Lake Conroe.